Monday, August 30, 2010

4 minutes 48 seconds. we're all dead... burned to a crisp.

I'm not very happy where I am. I need to get started on completing my list. I have done nothing but lie around the house all day in a pool of my own slobber. I'm not very happy. Lets get started on finding a block shall we?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Don't let them tell you when to bat your eyes

I haven't really done anything spectacular... ever. Most people haven't. It's normal. But all of a sudden I started getting really tired of being normal. I just feel like I wanna do something with my life.

So I made a list of things I wanna do before I die.
Bethany did too.
We are gonna try to make sure we do them all... some of mine are a little bit impossible though.

First, I would like to accomplish "Host a Block Party"

If anyone lives on a block I could maybe borrow for a party then just let me know. Thanks.

*I know I'm copying the buried life.
I don't care.
I think they would be proud.