Tuesday, November 2, 2010


its been a while. sorry amy cuz i think you are the only one who really reads it. so.... here we go.
this weekend was fun cuz i went to sherman, which isn't that fun, but i love trevor and his family which is in sherman so it was fun.
the rangers lost the world series last night which wouldn't have been a big deal 3 weeks ago but trevor got me into it. so now it kinda sucks.
i made dinner for me and beth last night.... grilled pear and cheese sandwiches with oyster stew... it was very delicious.
we watched this movie called broken flowers with bill murray in it and it was really good. i love bill murray.
i have some grapes in the freezer along with some life savers. i like freezing stuff i think it makes it better.
i'm gonna go to chapel now. bye