Tuesday, November 2, 2010


its been a while. sorry amy cuz i think you are the only one who really reads it. so.... here we go.
this weekend was fun cuz i went to sherman, which isn't that fun, but i love trevor and his family which is in sherman so it was fun.
the rangers lost the world series last night which wouldn't have been a big deal 3 weeks ago but trevor got me into it. so now it kinda sucks.
i made dinner for me and beth last night.... grilled pear and cheese sandwiches with oyster stew... it was very delicious.
we watched this movie called broken flowers with bill murray in it and it was really good. i love bill murray.
i have some grapes in the freezer along with some life savers. i like freezing stuff i think it makes it better.
i'm gonna go to chapel now. bye

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I used to like the mornings....

.... and I just reminded myself why. I always tell myself that I'm gonna wake up and run but as soon as seven hits, i hit the snooze and then continue to do so every five minutes for the next hour and a half. But this morning I got up and ran and I feel so good, a little sleepy, but not my normal hazy fog that im in for the first two hours after waking up brushing my teeth and mindlessly driving to class.

I'm going to stop being so lazy and start doing something with this dull life of mine. starting just a little while ago. that run was the beginning to my new energetic lifestyle..... we'll see how long I can keep this up for.

I'm betting I don't make it past tomorrow morning.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

things that stick

you know how there are those things that people tell you that just stick with you forever? It might be something really irrelevant to life or maybe very relevant. either way everyone has those things that stick with them. well i was sitting on the toilet.. tmi?.... and i remembered something my mom say

i think she only told me once.... "anything you do, i will find out about it"

everytime i think about doing something i remember that. it scares me a little. I'm pretty sure she just has visions of everything i do.

its no good when he's away

I miss trevor a lot... he said I should keep myself busy a lot so i'm not just sitting around thinking about him so I have been trying to but it just isn't good. i'm not very happy right now. on a sweeter note trevor talked to a girl about getting me hooked up in a yoga studio in austin. i'm sooooo  happy about that. getting certified is all i have to do now... its gonna be really expensive though. thats sucky. so if anyone wants to give me a little dough feel free. i'm starting a fund in a little piggy bank type thing thats going soley towards getting certified. i may not be able to do it for a while though.

i also really like britney spears. i have always like her but i was reminded how much after i watched glee and britney s. peers did a cover of slave 4 u. it's amazing. i wanna be able to dance. britney spears and britney s. peers are my new two favorite people.... bethany is up there too.

p.s. that doesn't include trevor and my mom.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear John

Is a stupid movie. The dialogue is stupid and the actors do an awful job. i <3 Swizz Beat

Thursday, September 23, 2010

butterfly ladybug lion

thats the name of our band. Elyse on the ukulele, reed on the horn/parrot/box drum, kelsey (not pictured) on the paper plate cymbals. Look us up sometime. We are releasing a new album next fall, but you can buy our EP on itunes.