Sunday, October 3, 2010

its no good when he's away

I miss trevor a lot... he said I should keep myself busy a lot so i'm not just sitting around thinking about him so I have been trying to but it just isn't good. i'm not very happy right now. on a sweeter note trevor talked to a girl about getting me hooked up in a yoga studio in austin. i'm sooooo  happy about that. getting certified is all i have to do now... its gonna be really expensive though. thats sucky. so if anyone wants to give me a little dough feel free. i'm starting a fund in a little piggy bank type thing thats going soley towards getting certified. i may not be able to do it for a while though.

i also really like britney spears. i have always like her but i was reminded how much after i watched glee and britney s. peers did a cover of slave 4 u. it's amazing. i wanna be able to dance. britney spears and britney s. peers are my new two favorite people.... bethany is up there too.

p.s. that doesn't include trevor and my mom.

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